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Published on April 16, 2014 by matt

Background to this meeting

The Board has received two detailed discussion papers on climate change from management, on the investment implications of climate change. It has also had a presentation from Professor Andy Pittman who has been a contributing author and peer reviewer on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports over the last three years.

The Board has considered its own compliance and legal position in relation to this issue regarding fiduciary duty and is addressing the topic within a risk management approach.

The Board’s knowledge of the issue is well-developed.  To this point, however, few decisions have been made regarding this issue.  There is broad agreement by the Board that it is now time to make some decisions on this matter.  This meeting has been convened to reach a conclusion on what are understood to be the main themes and the main decision points.

What is included in the summary

The summary recording provides highlights from the full Board discussion on the seven meeting resolutions, covering common issues and questions raised on the topic of integrating climate change into investment practices. View the discussion on each resolution for further detail on those resolutions.

Resolution 1-7 Outline – PDF


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