Q&A, Transcripts and Trustees

Eight questions were posed by members of the audience after the Board meeting. Recordings of the ensuing discussion appear below. At the bottom of this page are transcripts of the entire board meeting including the Q&A, and the list of trustees.

Q&A : QUESTION 1: On Resolution 4

Q&A : QUESTION 2: Scenario planning and adaptation

Q&A : QUESTION 3: Leadership

Q&A : QUESTION 4: On resolutions 2 and 6

Q&A : QUESTION 5: Capital allocation

Q&A : QUESTION 6: Fund collaboration

Q&A : QUESTION 7: On establishing climate exposure and disclosure

Q&A : QUESTION 8: Retail versus profit for members funds


Intro & Background – PDF
Resolution 1&2 – PDF
Resolution 3 – PDF
Resolution 4 – PDF
Resolution 5 – PDF
Resolution 6&7 – PDF
Q&A 1-8 – PDF
Resolution 1-7 Outline – PDF


Cate Wood: Chair of Care Super, Outgoing President of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees
Frank Pegan: CEO of Catholic Super, Chair of IGCC
Gary Weaven: Chair of Industry Funds Management
Jon Glass: Past CIO of Media Super
Geoff Lake: Mayor of Monash, Victoria, Trustee Board member of Vision Super
Cath Bowtell: Recent CEO of AGEST Super and past Director of Australian Super